Spin to Weave

How does spinning yarn for weaving differ from spinning yarns for knitting, crochet, or embroidery?  We will spin and sample for weaving, varying fiber choice, twist, grist and color. We will discuss ways the yarns are affected by weaving techniques, and the way weaving techniques are affected by the yarns. New and beginning weavers encouraged, no weaving experience necessary. 

Spinning Silk

Silk yarns can be spectacular when created specifically for the technique and product, whether it's weaving, knitting or embroidery. Intermediate level.

Knotted Cut Pile: Not Just for Carpets!

One of the most luxurious fabrics, knotted cut pile is surprisingly simple to weave. We will learn the process while weaving a small sample project and discuss ways to incorporate this technique into more than just rugs. Beginner’s welcome. Two day minimum, three days optimum. Spinning and Dyeing optional.

Painted Yarn Workshops

Painting with dyes directly on yarns. One or two days. Beginner's welcome.

Dye Any Color!

You will make a set of direct application dye samples for use later in your home studio. Beginner's welcome. Two days minimum, three days optimum.

Braids, Bands and Cords

Three different techniques are used to make narrow fabrics: braiding, twining and weaving. This course covers kumihimo braids, cardwoven bands and small woven bands. We will use simple tools for each process, and yarns appropriate for small band weaving. One, two or three days, beginner to intermediate level.

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